Adding new administrator


I want to add a new administrator who can only admin certain parts.

I added a new user group and set the desired privilages.

I then added a user, went to the user groups tab for that user. There are two groups shown, administator and my new group. I set the status for the Administrator group to ‘declined’ while the new group was ‘available’.

But when the new user logs in, they can still access and use all areas of the admin facilities.

What have I missed out or done wrong?

Users>user groups> add an administrator user group, then at the side of it you will see the priveliges link.

see attached



I’ve set the privilages OK in the new group, but the new user still seems to have the full set of privilages.

Have you give them a different log in and logged in as them to check

if so then I would get in touch with support


I had this problem too. I think you have to be logged in as the #1 admin to disable and assign privileges. For us we had someone else install our cart and they were the #1 admin.


Thanks for your replys.

  1. Yes I did create a new login, and tried logging in using this new account. OK, I’ll contact support.

  2. Until I created this new account, there was only one admin account which is the one I used to setup the new account.

I think I’ve now found what I was doing wrong.

I edited the new user,

went to to ‘user groups’ for the new user,

the new user group I had previously created had a status of ‘available’.

When I changed the status to ‘active’, then the new user had the desired account settings. :slight_smile: