Adding more features for product option

Hi guys~

I want to add more features for product options at product detail page.

Please refer to the attahced image.

What I want is to have shipping cost, total price, and payment moethods display like that. How would I go about doing that?

I asked helpdesk they wanted me to get an estimate for this.

Is there any other way than paying job for this?

Help me.

Unless you code it yourself you will have to employ someone to do it. This will require some modifications.

I would recommend you contact CS-Cart Add-on and Mod creators and get competitive quotes from them as well.

If you hire someone who doesn’t deal in CS-Cart you will end up paying them to learn the software as well as modify the code for you.

Good luck!

Those are just simple tpl hacks, you need to get rid of the distracting clutter of the payment methods, those can be shown somewhere else like in the footer - Sno