adding min_qty filter - weird results

I am trying to add a few more filters based on fields in the cscart_products table. My first attempt is using the min_qty field so that my customers can more easily find a product that fits their project.

In /core/fn.catalog.php I added```php // min_qty filter

‘M’ => array (

‘db_field’ => ‘min_qty’,

‘table’ => ‘products’,

‘description’ => ‘min_order_qty’,

‘condition_type’ => ‘D’,

‘is_range’ => true,

) ``` to the fn_get_product_filter_fields array (around line 2500). I then add the new “Minimum QTY” filter via the admin and add some filter ranges. I already have a Product Filter block assigned to my homepage (filling: dynamic). I clear the site cache and check the storefront. Ta-da, the Minimum QTY filter appears. Each range is listed with the correct # of products per range. But, for some reason, when I click on a range, all products in the site are returned.

I’ve looked through the code but haven’t found anything else that seems related to the filter results. Anyone have a solution?



Would expect that the search for the products when clicking the link does not have the condition set for the new filter you’ve added. There is probably a relationship between the filter and the search this is missing.

I’ve received a reply from CSC helpdesk with the solution. I’ll post the completed mod in a separate thread.