Adding languages

Is is possible to add additional languages after initial installation? And if so does it setup the same as when cscart was initially installed?

I have resolved the problem with adding additional languages but now I need some advice on how the put the drop down language choice button on my home page. PLEASE

I have the same questions. Would someone kindly reply? Thank you!

See this thread, particularly post #9:



Hello All,

Two possibilities:

1 - Via your Administration Panel

Easy and Safe Way

Go to:


Go to: “Administration > Import Data

On your right hand, click on “Translations” link

Please, “Select file

And so on!


2 - You can do a re-install:


[SIZE=“3”]Save your database, and/or your modified files before![/SIZE]


Select: “New installation

Go to: “Host and database settings” step

Select your “Additional languages” if it is there


Or create a new language:


All the best!

Lee Li Pop