Adding javascript to a block

I recently upgraded to the latest version of CS-Cart and now I'm trying to add a chat button that is being provided to me by BoldChat. The button is generated by javascript code. I created a block in admin and added the code there but the site does not like it. It currently just shows the chat button as an image but it can't be clicked on. It should open up a pop-up chat window, but it doesn't. If I remove the javascript, it will work but it opens the chat window in a new browser tab. I would really like the pop-up window.


It's strange because the software will allow me to create a text link as a chat button. Menaing instead of images for away and online, I can just write out the words “chat here” or “we're away”. When I do that, those links will create pop-up windows but when set to display images and not text links, it will not work.

Is this a CS-Cart issue with the latest version or a theme issue? I need some help. Thanks.

Well, something isn't right about the way javascript is working with my site, but I found a solution.

Where the text links were set to display the words “live chat”, I removed it with an image (ie: “”)