Adding items to cart causes site to hang

Though we haven’t made any changes to our site this week, since Monday CS-Cart hangs when items are added to the cart. The items are added to the cart, but the pages stays on “loading.” I’ve discussed it with my host, and they believe the problem is CS-Cart. Any ideas?

First and foremost, have you tried to clear your cache ( ? Seems the problem is being caused by scripts executing within the 'twttrHubFrameSecure' iframe.

Unfortunately, that did not work.

Do you use any real time shipping rates or any other 'live' addons to get data from other sources?

We don't use real time shipping. The only potentially “live” addons might be Addshoppers and Google Analytics. I disabled both of them and still have the same problem. I did notice, however, that when I add an item to the cart from the “Recently Viewed” box, the site doesn't hang. For some reason it's only hanging when adding to the cart from a product page or editing the cart from the cart dropdown.

The problem also affects using a coupon code. Basically any action that results in “loading…” at the top of the screen, the page freezes.

Sounds like you're waiting on an Ajax request to be completed. Some other things to try…

Try clearing your cache manually via FTP. Delete the contents of /var/cache/ and /var/compiled/

I assume you are using AddThis, ShareThis or some other social plugin. Disable it, refresh the cache, and then check if the problem still exists.

Change the cache method in config.local.php, ideally you want SQLite but a quick change to mysql (not recommended to keep it like that!) if your server doesn't support SQLite3 might help alleviate the problem. If you're not already using SQLite, ask your host to install SQLite3 on your server if possible.

Has your host made any changes to your server? It could also be mod_security blocking the Ajax requests. Check in Administration>Database>PHP Information for mod_security. If it is enabled, you would benefit from requesting your host to unblock certain events. I'm sure there's a list of the event ID's on the forum somewhere for mod_security.

If you do not have root/shell access to your server, ask your host to provide you with the PHP error_log as that may give some clues to the problem. Although the 'add to cart' eventually works, which I would expect to rule out a PHP error, unless your host has upgraded the version of PHP on your server.

I discovered the problem- I added a “Norton Secured” Verisgn seal last Friday. It authenticates via Javascript, and that is conflicting with CS-Cart somehow.

Thanks for all the ideas, StellarBytes. I really appreciate it!