Adding Installment Option Using Select Box


i want to add some extra field called “installment” if create product looks like this :

The default is No, but if Yes is selected it will show checkboxes with installment variant looks like this :

My question is :

  1. Im trying to approach it but lack of clue, like using a onchange function or smarty function itself (i’m beginner on smarty template), maybe there’s any functions that i dont know?

    2.Im want to make payment option for every product with full or installment condition, so i can parse the installment condition to payment gateway (because it’s a mandatory fields), is that possible?

    can somebody help me? i’m really appreciate

    Notes : if any of you can do it by custom development, please offer me a price i will consider it

even if you add selectbox, it won't work without extra payment integration and checkout customization

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Hi there

have a look at this post