Adding Id Selector To Main Content Div

Does anyone know how to add an ID Selector to the main content div so I can target it with a "skip navigation" link? It is currently assigned the class "tygh-content," but there is no way to target it without an ID.

CS-Cart tech support referred me to Simtech, but after a week of trying to explain my request to them, they simply do not understand what I am talking about.

I know CS-Cart uses Smarty to edit themes, but I am not familiar with that. All I need is to add the ID Selector to the main content div of my theme, which is based on the standard responsive theme.

Hopefully someone here can help me. Thank you!

Looks like you need to edit the following template


Thanks for the suggestion, but I could not get it to work. I added the ID to the main content Div, and it does show up when previewing the file via Admin > Design > Templates > Responsive... which is the active theme. But, it does not appear in the source code of the page when viewing the site, even after clearing the cache.

What theme do you use?

I'm using the Responsive theme. It came with the default installation.

Did you try t o delete the var/cache directory manually?