Adding handling fees if order amount is less than..


I sell cheap products and want to add a handling fee to the order if the total amount is less than a certain amount. Is there a possibility to do that other then with the shipping charges costs dependencies? Because this option will just add an amount to the shipping costs and some customer don't understand why.

I would like the possibility to have something showing in the cart as “small order surcharge”

Thank you.

you could have a global product option set up for each product you need to have a " small order fee" for. Possibly a way to do this is as a single radio option that gives no choice except the one for the surcharge.

then set up a promotion that gives a free deduction for the same amount and call that “free product surcharge” and you can apply that to as many or as few products as you like ,this would however show the cost of the surcharge included in the price on the product category and detail pages.

Or add the amount to the product and set up a similar promotion that deducts it and have a message in the details stating small order charge will be removed when you spend over xxx

not the best but check it out



Thank for the reaction. However, this would not work for me I think because I sell books. Most of them are 10 euros or less and I wanted to add a surcharge if the order is less than 10 euros.

Sometimes people can order 3 books and still stay under the 10 euro limit.

Adding a surcharge per product would in that case add 3 times the surcharge?

What I neeed is really a possibility to have that surcharge added depending on the total order amount.