Adding discount label to products grid template

Hi guys

I want to add discount label or list discount to products_grid.tpl.

I edited:

  1. blocks / list_templates / products_grid.tpl and I added this

    {assign var=“list_discount” value=“list_discount_$obj_id”}


    {assign var=“discount_label” value=“discount_label_$obj_id”}


  2. blocks / product_list_templates / products_grid.tpl and I added this



    Now, problem is that when I create a product block with Apperance type "Products grid "

    it doesnt show discount label in that block. It shows discount label on product List.

    Why is that?

Hi all,

I deal with same problem. I want to show discount label on grid list of products. I cant figure out the logic of this. Im not even able to show up var list_discount , which is originaly preprogrammed and set [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]show_list_discount[/font][/color]=true as Maky posted above…

Can anyone explain or help?