Adding Detail To Invoice

Hi there,

I am having trouble understanding how to edit the tpl files for the invoices.

I have got everything setup so that when a customer submits their order & pays for it they get an email that states it has been processed and they will receive another email when their order is shipped out.

I have got the invoice / credit memo set to “order” as I am not issuing an invoice as the order has already been paid for with paypal who also issues a receipt.

I need to edit my tpl file though so that under the company name I have a line that reads “ABN NUMBER: 25 604 473 847” as it is required by Australian law. I'm not quite sure how it should be written and where exactly it needs to go.

Also, once an item has been shipped, I update the tracking information and change the status to completed. This should send an identical email to before except with the status changed to completed and the tracking information added.

This for some reason sends a different copy of the order details page that doesn't have the company logo on it. It has the correct status and the tracking information added though. I have the invoice / credit memo set to “order” as I do with the initial email but it doesn't send the same email.

Any ideas?


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You should edit the following templates:

E-mail body:



Invoice content:



Thank you for the reply.

I managed to figure out a work around to get my ABN Number to show. Seeing as I do not have or use a fax service I just put the number I wanted in the company fax area and then used a language translation entry to chang FAX to ABN. Seems to be working great.

Now as for the problem with my logos not showing on some invoices.

I've had a look through all the tpl files and from my limited knowledge they look to be as they should.

The problem seems to only occur if I manually change an order status through the admin panel that it will send an email and the invoice does not feature the company logo. This is also the same if I click on the settings button and then print order details. It gives me a plain invoice with no logo.

Example as follows;

Customer places order and pays via paypal.

Customer & sales department are sent an email to say the order was successfully placed and the included email has the company logo.

Once I add tracking info and change the order status to completed to signify the item has been sent. The customer is sent an email to say the item has been sent and to observe updated order details with tracking information. This has a plain invoice with no logo.

Same thing happens if I manually change the status back to processed. The invoice in the email has no logo.

If the customer prints from their account section it all displays fine.

I have copied the invoice.tpl & order_notification.tpl from my front end to my back end so they are the same but I still get no logo.

Do I need to have a copy of the mail logo somewhere else so that the backend invoice picks it up??



Still haven't managed to work out why any emails generated via the back end will not show the company logo.

Emails generated via the store checkout however will show the logo.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, but it is hard to say the reason without detailed examination directly on your server

Maybe if you posted the code you are using to display the logo in your modified template, we might be able to help you.