adding custom page in layout but whats the link for that page ?

Hi CS-Cart masters…

i have added and designed a new custom layout…from Design → Layout

but where i am stuck is how to get the link of that page… ie how to open the web page in the browser?

Thanks in advance… :)

After you save the page next to the save bottom on top right side there is a gear button click on that drop down “Preview” and copy the link page. hope that helps.

thanks goia007 … but i can't find live preview option in CS-Cart 4.0.3…

have they changed the thing ??

What exactly are you asking for? If you created a new layout in Design>Layout, you need to apply this layout to a particular page. Creating a new tab (layout) in Design>Layout does not automatically create a new page, it just creates a framework which can be applied to a page type (custom, product, category, checkout, etc).

As for the Live Preview, it is generally found in the top-right, click the Gear icon next to 'Save' to produce a drop-down menu which displays 'Preview' link.