Adding CSC Sideboxes to non-smarty php pages

I’ve searched the forums up and down for a solution to this problem, but I haven’t found one.

Essentially, my client would like to integrate CScart into his php CMS (ModX). He’s a bookseller and wants to use the CMS to include sample chapters, news, press releases, etc. Does anyone know of a way to include the mini-cart located at the top of CScart on a non-smarty PHP website? Also, does anyone know of a way to include the “add to cart” button on the same site?

To complicate matters even more, he insists that the CScart installation be at, while the CMS will be at

Any thoughts or inspiration at this point would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much in advance!

I really don’t know how to integrate it in such a way that one action in cs-cart (or vice-versa) would affect/update the database of the CMS. One logical step would be to run the shop on its own, and add static links to products in the shop. This is of course possible but far from practical.

It’s the only way I see it possible without having to create a third system out of the two. If that was easy I guess everyone here would be doing it :wink:

If you would merge both installations into the same database (both don’t have to be in the same domain to accomplish that), one could play a bit with database content from CS-Cart, for example, showing the contents of the cart on the top. But that would NOT be a part of CS-Cart, but a built-up PHP that fetches data from CS-Cart tables.

Then it’s just to link “Checkout” with CS-Cart’s checkout page. Don’t know about the user session though…

This thing would get a bit messy, I think.

Illusion, thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: Merging the databases might be a step in the right direction… I wonder if the CS-Cart people would be able to create a little snippet of code I can just paste on the pages to at least include an “add to cart” link.

Thanks for answering my post!:o