Adding "ask Question" Popup Form To Vendor Page

Hi guys,

I am trying to add the Ask question popup form to the vendor page (this one without product listing).

The popup is working fine but it's empty, not displaying the form. (see screen attached)

I have tried to add it as an HTML with Smarty using this code:

{if "MULTIVENDOR"|fn_allowed_for && $settings.abt__ut2.vendor.show_ask_question_link[$settings.abt__device] == "Y" && $addons.vendor_communication.show_on_vendor == "Y"}
{include file="addons/vendor_communication/views/vendor_communication/components/new_thread_button.tpl" object_id=$company_id show_form=true}

I've added the same code to vendor templates with product listing and it's working correctly.

Is there any relation between this form and products (product_id) or something?

I would appreciate any help.

Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 20.17.17.png