Adding "Ask a Question" on product tabs


is there a way to add an “Ask a question” tab on the product page? So when a user wants to ask a quesion on that particular product he sends an email with a form and the email goes to the Vendor and Store Admninistrator?

Thank you

I found this free add-on to do it and it works perfectly with Multi-Vendor edition 3.x: [url=“”][/url]


please have a look at our FAQ add-on. The difference between “Product inquiry” and “FAQ” is that FAQ allows to display questions and answers about a product on product details page in the FAQ tab (it prevents new customers from asking the questions you have already answered to), “Product inquiry” just allows to send questions to admin so that he could answer by e-mail.

“FAQ” add-on works with Multi-Vendor but all questions made by customers are visible for the root administrator only. We can add a possibility for Vendors to see/edit/answer the questions to their products for an extra charge (approx $60).

Best regards, Alt-team