Adding an Order for Existing Customer in V4

Sorry if this is so obvious that I missed it but in v4, how do you select an existing customer when adding an order via admin?

Just looked at the CS Cart demo store and they do have a Select Customer button, I do not. This store was imported from 3x. I'm guessing that button only shows when admin thinks there are saved customers. Can someone suggest what I should look at to resolve this. I have tried adding a new customer with no effect.


The 'Select Customer' button is there for me in clean install of 4.0.3 with no data. I have not run the Store Import nor used the Demo data).

The template call is:-

{include file="pickers/users/picker.tpl" extra_var="order_management.select_customer?page=`$`" display="radio" but_text=__("select_customer") no_container=true but_meta="btn" shared_force=$users_shared_force}

No signs of any if statements controlling the display of the button whether or not there are any user accounts active.

If you have not made any changes to the admin, I would re-upload (using the same CS-Cart version) the /design/backend/ and subfolders and overwrite any existing files/folders. Then clear the site cache.

Thanks StellarBytes for pointing me in the right direction. Before overwriting files I wanted to see if I could isolate where the problem was occurring. Comparing my source to the demo store's source I've found the problem to be that the javascript which calls the buttons is never loaded. I've traced this to /design/backend/templates/views/order_management/components/profiles_info.tpl.

In this template there is an if statement on line 80 which determines where the select customer button is displayed. This is the if statement which causing the select buttons to be bypassed. I verified this by replacing line 81 with

{if $user_data == "XXX"}

Doing this cause the statement to skip down to the {else} statement on line 125. So the problem appears to be that $user_data is coming up as true and I need it to come up as false. I'm just not sure where $user_data comes from.

Thanks for your help.