Adding a Packaging Option

I have some items that I would like to offer the option of Double Boxing. I would like to set it up so that Customers can buy as is or have a checkbox for adding Double Boxing which would add $1.50 to the order. I tried this once already by setting up as a Global Option and then picking the products to apply to. Unfortunately, it looked good but did not actually work very well. When you clicked Add to Cart button, it caused the Cart to just sit with Loading displayed until you exited the site and went back in. When you went back in and looked at View Cart, it had basically forced a check in the box adding the $1.50 whether or not you wanted it. What a mess. So, can someone help me set it up the right way?:rolleyes:


It looks like you did it the way I would (for what thats worth)

Did you use a selectbox or radio button with a simple

option Double boxing Yes or No?

Sometimes the ajax pagination does not work in all browsers, i have that problem occasionally.

I just had a checkbox to click if they did want it. Is that where I went wrong? I didn’t give a choice of yes or no.

try the other option

make a global option for “Double Packaging”

try a radio box

name and modifiers with absolute values



Try applying it to just one product to see if it works ok.

Thanks Mike! Works like a charm.