Adding A New Option To Products: "availability Ratio"

CS-Cart v4.2.x : Adding a new option to products: “Availability Ratio”

We run a eCommerce website based on v4.2.x. As per our business model, we do not stock the items and source them from our suppliers as on and when orders are received. But sometimes it happens that we get an order for a product which our suppliers do not have stock ready available for the same. and in this case we are not able to ship the product and have to cancel the order and refund.

Now we want to add an option of “Availability Ratio” to each product, which will be calculated automatically and will be displayed on the product details page. This ratio will be calculated using the formula of “number of quantities product is shipped divided by number of quantities the product is ordered, multiplied by 100”. This will give us a percentage of product availability.

Now this availability percentage will be shown on the product details page as a percentage bar to give customer an approximation of the availability of that particular product on our website.

For each product id, will have to maintain a database table with 2 fields, “Number of quantities shipped” & “Number of quantities ordered”.

Number of quantities shipped:[list]

[]the value of this field is increased to the number of quantity it is shipped whenever a shipment is created.

]means whenever a shipment is created, the number of quantity shipped for that product is added to the field “Number of quantities shipped”.

[]the value of this field is not dependent on the status of the order, if its not shipped, then its not changed


Number of quantities ordered:[list]

]the value of this field increases every time only when the status of an order containing this product changes to “processed” by the number of quantity ordered for that product in that order.

[]means, whenever an order status is changed to “processed”, the value of the field “Number of quantities ordered” is increased by the number of quantity ordered for that product.

]the value is then not changed again for the same order number, even if its canceled or completed.



[]If “Number of quantities ordered” is 0, then “Availability Ratio” in product details page is shown as “Not Available”.

]“Number of quantities ordered” & “Number of quantities shipped” should be shown in back-end in product details page. But it should not be editable.

[]“Number of quantities ordered” & “Number of quantities shipped” should be able to import/export using the admin panel import/export feature.



Product “iPhone 5s” was ordered 3pcs in order number 1221, but we shipped only 2pcs because we had only 2pcs in stock. Now “Number of quantities shipped” = 2 & “Number of quantities ordered” = 3. So the Availability ratios will be 2/3
100 = 66.66%

Please let me know if u have any offer for the same.

Naman Agarwal

Skype: elcotek


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  1. if someone can develop such addon, i am ready to make an order.
  2. if not addon, then would like someone to do this as development for me.

    can i please know your skype id so i can talk to you in private further about this.

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I have read and understand your add-on requirement. I have ready to do add-on. Please check PM for my proposal.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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