Adding a custom field to add product page

Hi all,

I am looking to try and add another product field on the main “add product” page.

I had actually done this on the free version by just updating the ‘update.tpl’ file in ‘/skins/basic/admin/views/products’ I was able to link it to our database and have it update just as you would a field like “list_price.” What we’re trying to accomplish is an input of wholesale_price and a markup field.

However, when I try to edit the PHP using the Professional version, the option doesn’t become available for me…ugh. I added the code to add the form field like I did previously but it doesn’t want to show up.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You will need to add hooks for ‘get_products’ and for ‘get_product_data’ and implement the appropriate JOIN(s) to include your data from other tables for ‘get_products’ and do the query and set the $product_data parameter[‘your_field’] to the appropriate value.

You will then need to use those fields in the templates for views/products/update.tpl.

If this is greek to you then I would suggest you hire a developer to do your integration for you. It would be about an hour or two of work if the data is in the same database.

Any other solutions? I didn’t have to go through that process to get it to work previously.

Thanks for the response though! I will look into it!

This is what we’re trying to accomplish in Professional that we did easily in the trial.