Adding 1 product having an option for customer to upload image

Hope someone can assist.

I need to add 1 Product but i wanted to have an option where customers can upload an image. Can I achieve this in CS cart?

Hope someone can help.

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Yes, you can define an product option where the customer can upload a file during the checkout process.

Thank you for reply. Would you be so kind to walk me through the steps on how to achieve this? I looked in the product options but could not find it.

Thank you for your help.

Ok I found the the option in products option, and chose file option. My question is to which folder does the file gets uploaded/stored to in the publuc_html folder? or does it get store in the database? if datebase which file name?

Probably var/exim somewhere. But it should show as a link in the admin order details page or a files tab. You shouldn't have to dig it out.

thanks for reply. I looked in var/exim but nothing was there. The reason I ask is I do not want to the images occuping a lot of space on the server… as I'm done doing what I need to do for the customer I can clear it out or maybe clear out cache. Hope you can further assist.

thank you for your time.

It's in your database: cscart_order_details table in the “extra” row.

Looks like you'll have to manually clean those up if you want to save space.

Suggest you set it up and play with it to see how it behaves. Like much of cs-cart, there are very few details on the operations. Most pepole learn by either trial and error or by reading the code. I don't use this functionality so I don't know and I'm guessing you will not find many people who do. So if you can't take the pointer and then follow it up, then you might have to hire someone who has the skills to do so.

As I read the code, the pathname is stored in the “extra” row in the database, but the file(s) are stored in var/custom_files/order_data//.

Good starting point thank you all for your help.

Sorry for the misinformation… I'm glad tbirnseth is here to follow up.