Added Shipping Method, not showing up when checking out

Hey guys,

I need to create a shipping method for EMS Express shipping. I went into shipping methods and created the method, set the cost, set it to active, and when I go to test doing a check out, the method doesnt show up.

I’ve even tried making active some of the shipping options that came pre-installed in the shipping methods ( FedEx 2nd day ) , and they will not show up when im checking out.

Was I supposed to activate something else somewhere else besides the shipping methods tab?


When setting up shipping methods did you input any value into the weight limit fields for each shipping method ? if yes and lets say the value is 1-10 then you need to ensure that your items have a weight value associated with them.

I hope this leads you in the right direction.

I figured it out…

I had created the new shipment method, but under shipping charges i simply set the Default Destination for the charges.

I did not set the USA and Canada charges.

So it evidently did create the method, but when i tested it , I was using a U.S. addy to test the method, and I had not set up the USA method.

I just assumed that Default Destination would have covered USA and Canada, but evidently it did not. It made a shipping method for ALL countries except USA and Canada so I had to go into USA and Canada and set it up there.

The term Default Destination is a little misleading. It should read “This sets up a shipping method for ALL countries EXCEPT Canada & USA and you need to do that manually”

But thanks for your help…

I hope this helps someone else who hasnt figured out that Canada and USA have their own conditions.