Add your review of CS-Cart

I would like to ask all members of the CS-Cart community to add your review of CS-Cart at the below link, your opinoins and experience with CS-Cart would be greatly appreciated, I added mine - Thanks


i dont see any reviews for cs.

Done !


Call me lazy or busy (busy)

Ditto to snorocket’s comments

F-Ken Oath

Added my review. It’s the least we can all do for CS. Cheers guys.


added mine as well.

It’s about time they added CS Cart to their list of carts. I emailed them about a month ago telling them to add CS Cart.

Anyway I added mine, I as happy to.

While your at it why not review it on at [url]404 - Not Found

Have just added mine. This cart totally rocks.

Now if Alex & co. could just see their way clear to write a good classifieds ads script, my money is waiting…

Done did it!

mine as well hopefully will go through… i bought this software a week ago and damn im nearly up and running…

and i dont know a thing about ajax… that shows that its a solid base… keep it up guys with the updates and improvements… u have my thumbs up as im a very demanding customer…


Just left my review.

Nothing, but good reviews! CS-CART Rocks!