Add Tracking Url To New Carrier

I'm trying to add a new carrier.
I added the added a new row in the cscart_shipping_services with the folling info
service_id = 407
status = A
module = geniki_taxidromiki
code = ''
sp_file = ''
(check screenshot)
After that i created a new file in the app/Tygh/Shippings/Services/Geniki_taxidromiki.php which contains the class geniki_taxidromik
Inside this class i have the following code
    public static function getInfo()
        return array(
            'name' => __('geniki_taxidromiki'),
            'tracking_url' => ''
I just want to add the tracking url when this carrier is selected. Is there something that i'm missing?
Is there any documentation on how to do this?
Version 4.11.3


Unfortunately, there is no documentation for new shipping service integrations. But looks like you are on the right way


Unfortunately there is no documentation on this case. However, starting from version 4.13.1 you can use the following add-on, that will allow you to create up to 3 new additional carriers via admin panel:

Hope it will be helpful.

You can use our addon to add extra carriers with custom tracking URLs as well