Add Total Products On Invoice And Packing List

Is it possible to add the “total products or items” purchased on the invoice and packing slip?

Hello hglu!

Try to do the following (instruction for CS-Cart 4):

Open the file design/backend/mail/templates/orders/print_packing_slip.tpl

Replace the lines

{foreach from=$order_info.products item="oi"}
{if $oi.amount > 0}


{assign var="total_products" value=0}
{foreach from=$order_info.products item="oi"}
{if $oi.amount > 0}

and put below in any place the following:

{__("total_products")}: {$total_products}

Save, clear the cache. Also, create total_products language variable in the admin back-end.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi Alt-Team

Tried the above but does not seem to be working. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I will revue what I did and try again.