Add tooltip in product fields

When you “add product”, List price has a tool-tip (?)

I tried to check update.tpl but can’t find any trace of code

checking language variables, i found this: tt_views_products_update_list_price

when i view the source of the page, i found this:

(?)Market Price or Suggested Retail Price.

But i can;t figure out where it is in cs-cart :confused: i wish to add tool-tips to the other product fields.

HELP please :smile:




It’s all jQuery code. Anytime you see a class of ‘cm-something’ it is usually jQuery code and will take some special action when clicked.

here’s the code in update.tpl for this field

{$lang.list_price} ({$currencies.$primary_currency.symbol}) :

It doesnt contain any call to a jquery script. help pls :confused:

The language variable contains the class ‘cm-tooltip’.

thanks for staying on top of this thread.

however, i still dont get it :confused: I’ve tried searching almost everywhere…i give up. can somebody give me a little more detailed “how to”? I just need to add tooltips for the other product fields. An example is List Price which has a “?” tooltip by default.

Appreciate any help :smiley:

You’d have to modify the templates to add tool tips for the fields you want (and you’d have to get the data to the template(s)).

Find the List Price example in the templates and go from there.

I did that the first time but didnt find a single trace

{$lang.list_price} ({$currencies.$primary_currency.symbol}) :

Maybe someone else can help you. As I said, there is a cm-tooltips class which throws the whole thing into jQuery stuff that I’m simply not familiar with.

Do you want it like this?