Add to Wishlist via link and querystring

My CS Cart is fully functional, but I am using a custom Google Maps geocoded PHP page to display results and then I am linking to the DETAIL PRODUCT page via the PRODUCT ID. Works seemlessly.

Next challenge - I would like add a link for each PRODUCT ROW returned in my search results with ADD TO WISHLIST link. So what is the syntax for the querystring? I see that the normal ADD TO WISHLIST is a faux link with a hidden form passing several parameters in the backend. How can I keep it simple with a GET method via Querystring to ADD TO WISHLIST.

tried dispatch=wishlist.add&product_id= (just random guesses) - any advice would be appreciated.


I am wondering how to do the same thing. Did you ever figure this out?

Looks like the wishlist button relies on some hidden form elements, but I can't figure out how to replicate this manually in my template.


Looking at the source (addons/wishlist/controllers/customer/wishlist.php) there doesn't seem to be an instant solution.

The script is written to add via AJAX forms and while you can easily comment out the form (post) requirement, it would require a little hacking to build a new function that added a single ID to the wishlist without any other information.

If you chose to go that route, the first block of code (line 26) is what you'd want to copy and play around with.