Add To Cart - Options - Add To Wish List. ?

Is it possible to have three choices when viewing items to your cart, 1: Add to Cart, 2: Options, 3: Add to wish list.

Now you only have two choices.

See photo.



What should be shown when options is clicked?

If you click “options” then what ever you have configured should show. If you have no items with “options” then the button should not show.

Some of my items have “options” configured for assembly of that item. If I have items that are configured with “options” they must go to the option screen first before they can add the item to the cart.

So if you have items that have “options” there is now way to directly add that item to your cart unless you go to the options screen first and then you can add to cart from there.

Please try to set the sequential options on the product page.

This case, the Product will not be added to cart without option selection.

If you want to make an option button, the code modification is required.

Best regards, Alt-team.