Add to Cart not working

I have conducted fair amount of testing with trial version so bit the bullet and purchased Professional license. Downloaded latest zip and installed on ‘live’ domain on our VPS (identical to test environment). On the new install, having set up test products, ‘add to cart’ is not working! The ‘loading’ message displays at top of page but the modal pop-up ‘added to cart’ does not appear and nothing is added to cart… has anyone else had this problem? I have the ‘store closed’ at the moment until ready to go live but there was no problem with trial version adding to cart when store closed ( via store_access_key). This is driving me mad at the moment as cannot see anything glaringly obvious/different from test environment!

Is this happening on a block on the homepage or in the product details page? I'm having some troubles with a site with the add to cart not working on the homepage for the grid view. Mine works great on the category or product details pages.



Hi Brandon,

Not working full stop… from anywhere! It is so strange that I researched many carts, only gave up on HikaShop because although I am committed to Joomla and HikaShop is a great product integrating OpenCart with Joomla, it just was a little lacking around product options when 'grouping' products as 'kits'. It does have a fantastic 'custom fields' utility which allows for excellent customisation of customer data capture and custom fields can be shown/hidden dependant on other fields etc. Superb!

Enough of that - my tests of CS-Cart on identical server config with the trial version went very well and didn't have this add to cart problem. I feel that I might be missing something blindingly obvious! I cannot see any admin global 'disable cart' that I may have missed.



Does your server have mod_security enabled?

Not 100% certain but will check. What I can say is that the licensed version of CS-Cart Pro is on identically configured VPS as the VPS on which the Trial Version was tested which did not present this issue…

I presume you also cleared the cache for the problematic site:

Just to be clear, your 'add to cart' button displays on the product page, when clicked, the ajax 'Loading' bar appears, but the 'add to cart' pop-up does not appear? Does the 'Loading' ever end? Is the item actually added to the cart?

Hi StellarBytes, Exactly as you described - the 'Loading' displays and ends. 'Add to cart' pop-up does not appear, and nothing added to cart.

Cache cleared via myxxxadmin.php?cc as always…!

I have posted message on Help Desk and set up temp ftp access so we'll see what support says.

One thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of 777 perm directories. I run SuExec on BOTH (working trial and Licensed) VPS and 777 is not a permission level I am prepared to allow. 755 on ALL directories should work fine under these conditions unless you know different?

I don't think this is the issue causing the cart problem though as hadn't changed any permissions prior to the issue.

Ok - CS-Cart Support really quick and helpful on this on the Help Desk!

Because I MUST keep old rubbish site live whilst building CS-Cart in the background I have had to keep an index.html in doc root. It is the existence of this index file which is causing me grief and I just need to to clone it into store_closed.html

My only problem though, now thinking about this after support's message is that as soon as I do this all current visitors will see the '' URL in their browser.

Mm… thinking cap on… my re-direct knowledge bit rusty - have asked support if I can build and test in a sub-directory which I can restrict access to then implement a re-direct to go live…

Anyhow, main thing is I know what's causing the add to cart problem!