Add to Cart - Loading

We are experiencing something slightly weird and I wondered if anybody might have experienced this or might know what could be causing the problem. We have a couple of ideas of what is causing the issue but the customer is not technically aware enough to help and so we are not really sure how to solve the problem.

We have had no reported issues until this particular customer. She adds a product to the cart and nothing changes on the mini-cart on the sidebar and the loading notification just keeps showing as loading. We have ajax enabled, but we have not had any similar issues with other customers to our knowledge.

Our website is

Could this be a norton antivirus issue, out of date browser issue, popup blocker issue? Anything else?

Just not really sure how to solve, or how to feedback to the customer, I have tried to placate her at the moment. But she reports she has had no problems with other online shops so I feel a little embarressed!

If anybody has any ideas we would be super grateful.



You've got a problem.

On first visit the mini-cart told me that I had 1 item in my cart, worth $5 pounds.

I added a product to the cart without issue and removed it without issue.

Adding products to the minicart is straightforward EXCEPT you are not providing the customer a prompt that states the add-to-cart was successful which leads me to believe at the customer is unaware of the addition.

further it could be a browser-related issue but from my initial visit, there is something wrong on the CS-Cart side of things.

Using Windows7x64 via Firefox (Latest).