Add to cart Loading Notification box position

Ive just setup a new website with 2.1.4 and the first thing my customers complain about is that they get NO NOTIFICATION that the something has happened when they click “Add to Cart” Button.

In previous cscart versions a Notifications box would pop-up, albeit in a stupid position to the top right of the screen. This position could be changed easily in CSS.

In 2.1.4, the customer is shown a TINY little “Loading” box at top-center of the screen that spins for less than a second before disappearing.

No customer ever notices this notification and gets confused, thinking that nothing has happened.

Could someone please assist me to fix this issue.

The “Loading Notice” needs to be BIGGER and in the CENTRE of the screen.

Would also be good to have it display for more than 1 second.

Help appreciated.

Edit : I have managed to make the font bigger and to centre it.

Changed the color and width also, since the pale yellow colour still goes un-noticed.

I needed to make new left and right loading_box images and a new ajax.gif(ajax64.gif ) animation file.

It also needs to display for a minimum of 1 or 2 seconds.

Heres the changes to style.css /* Ajax */
.ajax-loading-box {
background: url('images/ajax_left_90h.gif') no-repeat left bottom;
padding: 27px 46px 0px 15px;
position: fixed;
right: 50%;
top: 50%;
z-index: 18;
display: none;

.right-inner-loading-box {
background: url('images/ajax_right_90h.gif') no-repeat right bottom;
padding: 0 5px 0 0;

.ajax-inner-loading-box {
background: #9bff44 url('images/icons/ajax64.gif') no-repeat 5px center;
padding: 27px 46px 22px 76px;
font-size: 300%;
font-weight: bold;
color: #3f0000;
/* /Ajax*/

With compliments.

The ajax64.gif file is not animated. If someone would like to animate it and post here, Much appreciated… I dont have time at the mo'




Still need to know how to extend the display time for the “Loading Box” to 1 or 2 sec's.

This is of course just a stop-gap measure.

Ideally, the customer should, upon adding a product to the cart, be greeted with a pop-up that gives them the choice to go to checkout or continue shopping. This notification would time-out after configurable time out of 4 secs or so.

Anyone know of a addon to do this?