Add to cart external website - possible?

Add to cart external website - possible?

  1. For example cs cart is on, can I have a photo and description of a product on with an add to cart link?

  2. Then can I hide from public view.

  3. Finally add some other links like checkout, see orders etc to

    The idea is to only use CS cart as a cart not a catalog. My reason for this is that I use Dreamweaver for html site and it is very easy to make my site just as I like it.

    Making skins is not so easy with CS cart.

Maybe my post was confusing let me try again:

I want to be able to add to a website the following from my cs cart:

  1. Add to cart
  2. view cart
  3. Checkout

Not sure if this is a good way to do it, but I found a workaround. Instead of creating a form for the addtocart link, I wanted a regular link like you.

I was able to create a rotating product banner in the affiliate section and just change the product ID, and it would add the product to the cart. You could also probably create an affiliate customer for yourself and make affiliate links with that customer and be able to track your own inbound links.

Here’s what my link looks like:

where 29806 is the product id

Interesting - thank you.