Add to Cart Button -Subscriptions Not There!

Hi~ anyone able to figure out how to get the [COLOR=“Red”]“add to cart”[/COLOR] button to appear? I did the newest upgrade 03/16/2010 today because I thought it would be fixed. But I still don’t see a way to have my customers subscribe to my subscriptions once they see the product details page. There isn’t a “add to cart” button. This would save me so much time if customers could subscribe online. Is there a way for me to manually subscribe my customers if they call? Wish that option was available.

Please let me know if you have any updates on how to fix this. I am not gonna do a complete install and lose my settings. I saw where someone said it works if you perform a new install. My original complete install was CS-Cart 2.0.6 which I had them install for me when I purchased the software. Do I need to pay for a new install to use this feature?

Thanks A Bunch!