Add to Cart button not Showing

On some product pages, I'm getting people saying there is no add to cart button. I see it fine but 3 separate people have said it's not there at all.

I'm using 2.2.4.

Anyone run into this and know the fix?



Of course after I ask the question, I find a solution. For my case, it was only people on Internet Explorer (which was about 1/3 of all visitors).

The social media buttons add-on ((Dvs) Sharethis Buttons) that put the buttons near the add to cart button seems to be the cause. When I disable this, they can see the add to cart button.

Hi there,

can you share the version of ie and if is there any custom css on that skin of yours?

There must be something with this skin, as we never had problems with that one.

It uses a hook just under the button, and its tested to work ie7 and above. Ie6 has some issues but its not completly dissapeared.


I tried to use this add-on again and although I can see it fine in whichever browser I use, just had customer call us up and say they couldn't order because there was no add to cart button. They were using Internet Explorer but did not know the version. Can't provide any more information than that. We're using just the basic skin. On my 2.2.4 site.


you need to give more info.

I cannot help you with that if i dont have anything

have a look here (in ie)…-medium-el.html

it works fine its a v3 site of mine

And this one [url=“”][/url] (again in ie) its a 2.2.4 PROFESSIONAL

It also looks fine.



If it's not happening anywhere else, then maybe it's my version of cs-cart. It's been upgraded several times since beginning of V2 and has had add-ons installed and uninstalled. I am now upgrading this store to a V3 store so will try it again when finished with the upgrade. Thanks!