Add To Cart Button Issue

Hello All,

I have an issue with "Add to cart button" for the products which have variations. When I change the variance and try to add it to the cart it doesn't work. It's like if the button has no action to do.

You can check this link and see the issue.

I am running Multi-Vendor 4.10.4.SP1

Kindly assist


You have some error related to JS (you can see it in the picture)
Try turning off all third-party addons for a while and see if that helps.
Best regards

Zrzut ekranu z 2019-12-27 12-49-45.png


Thanks to you.

You are right. I have disabled the addon Simtech Development: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and it is working perfectly now.

Hopefully they fix it without any charges as they are used to :)