ADD TO CART button dissapeared

OK, If you have a look at this product: [url][/url]

You can see that no ‘add to cart’ button is available.

If you refresh you can see (or look at the source) that the button is there, but is being removed by javascript.

This behavior is the behavior I would expect if it was out of stock… or to a lesser degree to remove sizes and/or color options.

Another strangeness is that not all my products have this issue… only a few that I can find.

HELP PLEASE!! I am stuck.

I am using 2.0.12 (i think … 2 upgrades back anyway.)

another thing… I was having this problem on all products (as far as I could tell) in google chrome… but now its happening in Firefox?

The problem is that you have an inline style that is set to:


I’m not sure if it is in your products page or in your add to cart button code, but here are some screen shots.

First, the code with the display:none;

Second, the missing add to cart button:

Third, the “fixed” code:

Fourth, the result of the “fixed” code:

I hope that at least gives you a starting point to look.


yeah, thanks for the reply…

I have been digging thru this… I decided to do the upgrades and actually they have helped at least with the JS that was dynamically setting the display:none css.

I know have a number of other problems related to my mods to the product_options and thumbnails. I wish It could have been possible for me to do it all using my_changes but it was not.

Thanks for taking the time to dive in… I appreciate it.