Add TITLE tags to product pages.

My SEO guy has some questions, and I did not know the answer him correctly. Can someone point us in the right direction ?

[quote]I have 3 queries from you:

1> I noticed that same TITLE/META tags field are available also for other tabs like “All Pages” “Product” “Categories”. What is the use of TITLE/MET tags fields for these tabs because we can optimized categories, products individually??

2> I want to add “Derby Smack - Roller Skates Shop” at the end of TITLE tags on all PRODUCT PAGES. How can I do this??

3> I want to add TITLE attribute to all top, left and bottom navigational link on website as below. I tried to check template pages but not working. How can I do this?

title=“Roller Skates”>Roller Skates

title=“Derby Skates”>Derby Skates


Good questions. :)

I know there is an add-on somewhere which allows you to automatically fill in the product page title + your own text.