Add Time Zone To Call Request Addon

We ship around the world but mostly to North America. Either way we need to know what time zone the customer is in when they make a call request or we’ll be calling them at the wrong time. It’s gotta be easy to select for people who don’t know what GMT is. A time format similar to what Windows uses.

I was just thinking about this yesterday.

I figured I'd create a language translation or two, edit the form to include the language variables, and define the time range as MY time zone (EST (GMT-5)), and maybe include a range of hours that they can just call during.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder who’s at the helm of CS-Cart development. The numerous and obvious things they miss baffle me. They’re selling a global product to customers around the world, most of whom also sell globally, but they don’t think to add a time zone feature to the “Call Request” addon. As C+C Music Factory said, “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm”. I tease, but unofficially C+C’s song could be CS-Cart’s unofficial corporate song ;) - [url=“C+C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.... (Video Version) ft. Freedom Williams - YouTube”]C+C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.... (Video Version) ft. Freedom Williams - YouTube

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I added a language variable to the end of line 50 in the template:

Template: design/themes/responsive/templates/addons/call_requests/views/call_requests/components/call_requests_content.tpl


And added a Language variable:

Language variable: time_zone

Language value: EST (GMT -05:00)

You can change the Convenient Time values in app/addons/call_requests/config.php

I'm using “file” cache during store import and design process, so I had to manually delete the cache via FTP in the var/cache/templates/responsive directory to see the results.

Or change it to say “in how many minutes/hours would you like us to call”