Add Text Heading in Between Global Options on a Product Page


I've got a very simple requirement, but I just can't figure out how to implement it in CS-Cart.

Basically I want to add a text heading in the middle of a bunch of options on my product page. e.g. I want to add the heading "Enter Details for the back of your T-Shirt" in bold below:


Stag's Name:

Stag Attendees:

Stag Venue:

Stag Date:

Enter Details for the back of your T-Shirt

T-Shirt #1 Size:

T-Shirt #1 Name:

T-Shirt #1 Number:

T-Shirt #2 Size:

T-Shirt #2 Name:

T-Shirt #2 Number:



All the fields above are global options, so I need the heading in the middle of these global option. Here's the real page as it looks at the moment:…roduct_id=29845

Any ideas would be gratefully received. I'm a CS-Cart newbie so am pretty green at all this.



You need to edit skins/basic/customer/views/products/components/product_options.tpl probably.

BTW: Where did you get your skin harrowandgreen. its nice and clean.

Hi solesurvivor,

Many thanks for you reply on this - I'll take a look at that file and tell you how I get on.

Glad you like the harrowandgreen skin - I has a design concept and asked a company called 12leaves to create it for me and they did a top job. Cost wasn't prohibitive either.

Thanks again,


Yes I know of 12 Leaves. It looks like they modified one of their existing skins for you. At any rate looks good. Good luck on your skin edits.