Add text below product-image on product details page?

Trying to add some code below the product image on the product details page? I am using 1.3.5. I want to post the short_description below it.

Been playing around with some skin files (product_pages/product_options.tpl). I see where to paste text, so that it appears above the product-image (that’s simple) but I don’t see where the product-image ends, and that’s the spot I need to locate.

Hope I’m making sense.


PS: Unrelated: Again, on the detailed product page, where it lists product options, it shows product_options title and to the right of that, the “type”. Well, I noticed, on my product_detail page, that some of the option titles don’t fit on one line.

For instance:

Instead of it saying “Pick your t-shirt size”, it says:

Pick your
t-shirt size

My question is, are product options sorted with tables? For instance, are there two columns within the table (one for product_options & another for “type” (ie: text field, drop down, etc)? I was trying to see if I could adjust the column’s width, so that it stretches out and the product_option title’s appear on one line?

Didn’t want to start two topics. Thanks again.