Add tax to negociated rates UPS

Hi all,

I wonder why i cant get this to work:

I have set up shipping and i use the negociated rates witch cs-cart pulls out of their API. Works well BTW.

But now i would like to apply tax to this ammount. The strange this is, when i check the Use tax button. It just says at the estimator (incl tax) but the amount is the same. When the checkbox is off it just shows the shipping ammount like negogiated but it wont add the tax in subtotal.

This means that on every order i miss about 19% tax on my shipping.

Is there anyway to add 19% tax to negociated shipping rates?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Snuggertje

hmm… I'm also struggling with this. I actually think this might be a bug.

btw: if you use UPS, you should check You can print UPS labels straight from your admin area, it adds tracking number, etc.

I just had them modify it for Europe this week (ik ben ook Nederlands) so that it also works in kg's and cm's and it works GREAT!