Add Short Description to Category pages

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I want to add short descriptions to my list of products. I would imagine this would be easy but I can also imagine having to add code to a .tpl file somewhere. Will one of you kind folks point me in the right direction?

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”]CS-Cart 2.0.x[/COLOR]

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I think the tpl is categories_multicolumns.tpl, you can then add {$product.short_description} and it will put the products short desc there, let us know if it works, Thanks - Sno

Worked great. Added that to


(actually to get the short description in the place I wanted it (where the arrow points in my first post) I had to edit the


Just what I wanted. Thank you.



{include file=“views/products/components/buy_now.tpl” hide_wishlist_button=true hide_compare_list_button=true simple=true show_sku=true hide_add_to_cart_button=$hide_add_to_cart_button but_role=“action”}

{if $product.short_description}



{$product.full_description|unescape|strip_tags|truncate:150:“…”}{if $product.full_description|strlen > 150}{$lang.more_link}{/if}


Thanks for the last post. It works perfectly after I found and corrected the two typos in the code.

The problem seems to be with the posting. I tried to post the corrected code, came up with same errors.

First error: $product.full_description|unescape|strip_tags|tru ncate: Note: _tags|truncate

Second error: {$index_script}?dispatch=products.view&p roduct_id= Note: product_id=

Again Thanks for the post