Add Purchase Order Number To Invoice Above Customer Notes

Hello all

A customer orders items and they add their own PO number to the order. Nothing to do with the order number.

How can I add purchase order number created by the user to invoice above customer notes?

We used this before *customer notes in a table but does not work now

Result was

PO - 12345

Company - Seattle

{$lang.po_number}PO: {$order_info.payment_info.po_number}}
{$lang.company_name}Company: {$order_info.payment_info.company_name}


Might be easier to add another field in profiles.?

{$lang syntax is V2/V3....V4 method would be to port from {$lang.my_var_name} to {__("my_var_name")}

Please try

{__('po_number')}: {$order_info.payment_info.po_number}
{__('company_name')}: {$order_info.payment_info.company_name}

Thank you guys for the replies. Will try it

Well really appreciate but still no go

Tried adding to invoice.tpl in backend and in the theme


{$lang.po_number}PO: {$order_info.payment_info.po_number}

It seems this one worked

Thank you all

You are welcome! :)