Add product inquiry button which behaves like the add to cart button

I have a client who wants products for which business can enquire an offer (but he wants the option to order also). For the inquiry all data has to be sent the same as cs-cart does with an order. A nice feature is how Snorocket made the [size=4][color=#2D2D2D][font=Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Quote / Invoicing Addon, which can be found on: [/font][/color][/size][url=“”][/url]. Especially the back-end is very nice. It would be nice to have a quote coming in like an order and then you can send quote from the cart.

So, when a client wants a quote for a product all the data the customer fills in like quantity, options etc. has to be sent with the request for a quote.

Another feature would be to request a quote from the selection of more products. To explain this a client wants eq a pen and another product. He needs to be able to add them to the cart and then instead of paying pushing a button "Request an inquiry " with all the necessary data the customer filled in for the inquiry (like product, options, etc.) and then fil in their company name address.

Does anyone know if something already has been made? Or is their something which is close to what the client wants.



Hi there;

I'm not sure why no one responded - I'm sure that there are hundreds of people needing this type of an addon and I'm on my 3rd hour with no luck; Is this really that rare?

did you have any luck with this?

I'm in a state of shock and awe at this fact that cs-cart does not have this; I'm sure the customers who need this simply abandon the cart and that is why we haven't heard anything about this in the past posts or why cs-cart has not addressed this issue; This feature would mainly be needed by people with a good product that they already make good money on and thus they will not waste their time in the forums or asking around or contacting cs-cart. But I'm sure there are thousands of people that have needed this.

Gosh even open cart (a free alternative to cs-cart) has this feature for free!


I remember a couple of years back, some forum members were requesting a “catalog” mode.

Cs-cart team came up with the addon with extra features and now is part of the cart.

I'm not sure about your statement about opencart having this for free.

Last time I checked was a $$$ module by third developer but I maybe wrong.

Contact alt-team for a quote, and let us know I'm interested too.

I need the same addon. Can anyone create this for me? I describe the operation i need.

In 4 specific products (custom tshirts) i want to be replaced the ADD TO CART button with SEND QUESTION button.

When a customer clicks SEND QUESTION button, all information (type, color, size, side, UPLOADED FILE and customer details ) will be sent to administrator and defined customer e-mail.

the product details page looks like the attached