Add product code to each variant on product options


In my store I will manage more than 2000 products, so, to have better control over products, i need to write the product code on each variant.

For example, my provider´s price list have this 2 products:

3102315		DRUMHEAD REMO AMBASSADOR 10" <br />
```<br />
<br />
This 2 products can be grouped in ONE cs-cart product named "DRUMHEAD REMO AMBASSADOR" available in sizes 10" and 12".<br />
The problem is that the cs-cart database cannot register that the 10" drumhead has the product code 3102315 and the 12" has the product code 3102317.<br />
<br />
I know that not everybody need this feature... then you could leave the product code textbox in blank :cool: <br />
<br />
CS-Cart developers: could you please add this feature? I would appreciate it very much.<br />
<br />
Thank you in advance.<br />
<br />
Best regards,<br />
Bruno Barba

Works in 1.3.4.

[quote name=‘Zyles’]Works in 1.3.4.[/QUOTE]

You are right. Clicking on “Option combinations” you can see the “product code” field.

Honestly, i didn’t see that button until you posted me.