add PO number to invoice in V4

Any way to do this?

I searched and found nothing but old posts about the issue.

I have tried to edit the code on the invoice.tpl file but no luck.

I've tried it using

{$cart.payment_info.po_number} which I copied from PO.tpl

as well as [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]{$order_info.payment_info.po_number} [/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]neither did anything to the printed invoice[/font][/color]

This is what I did

I added where I wanted to show

{$lang.po_number}: {$order_info.payment_info.po_number}

See if that works for you

Working for me in 4.03

in Design/themes/basic/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl

thanks for the quick reply!

it still doesn't show up on my invoices, however. Kind of frustrating. I am experiencing some broken bits of my admin end, so perhaps that has an affect.

Where did you actually place this bit of code on your invoice.tpl?

I've tried putting mine up at the top right section under SHIPPING METHOD, and also under the ORDER NUMBER. I have cleared the cache and all that. I wish it would work. Most of our customers use a PO to place orders on our site.

hey, I got it now. Turns out that I could only see it when logged in as a customer and clicking print invoice on my order histiry page. Weird that it didn't work on my admin end, but all I wanted was for the customer to see it.

Thanks again!

This is actually what I did.


{if $order_info.notes}

{$lang.po_number}: {$order_info.payment_info.po_number}

{$lang.company_name}: {$order_info.payment_info.company_name}

{$lang.buyer_name}: {$order_info.payment_info.buyer_name}

{$lang.position}: {$order_info.payment_info.position}

You welcome. Glad It worked.

I do see it in admin also when printing invoices

Make sure it is in the right invoice.tpl