Add paragraph on category page, below products?

Hi, Is it possible to add a paragraph of text on the category (& product) page BELOW the products? I don’t want it in the category (or product) description.

It’s got to be possible… ? Right?

You want the same text to appear for all of the instances, or unique to each category and item?

I think this is easy to do in 2.04, but I’m not familiar enough with 1.3.5.

I did this on the category page…

Is this what you are looking for?

NutraCea Catalog

I did this in sp3…

under categories.tpl

I commented out the 4th line:



and then added the same code that was commented out at bottom right after:

```php {if $products}

{if $settings.Appearance.columns_in_products_list > 1}

{include file=“products_pages/products_multicolumns.tpl” columns=$settings.Appearance.columns_in_products_list}

{elseif $settings.Appearance.advanced_products_list == ‘Y’ && $client_env.is_javascript == ‘Y’}

{include file=“products_pages/products_advanced.tpl” title=“”}


{include file=“products_pages/products.tpl” title=“”}


{elseif !$subcategories}



I just want to put it on only one category page. And I am using the older version. WebGuy, nice cart! is that a template?

Hi Brennie369…thanks for the compliments on the website. It is a highly modified 1.3.5sp4 version of the default_orange skin ( More on it here)

Anyway, let’s get your question answered :slight_smile:

In your file YOUR_SKIN/customer/categories_pages/categories.tpl you can enter text at the very bottom of that file…this text will then show up under your products.

This will display text on all category pages below products…

If you want to show text under products on a partcular category page do this:

(93 is a sample category ID - Use your specific category ID)

{if $category_data.category_id == ‘93’}

Whatever you want to say goes here...


Ok Awesome thank you! And sorry for the late response. Even though I’m subscribing to threads, I’m not getting email notifications of post replies.

Thanks again that’s what I wanted! :smiley: