Add Option For Quote (Pdf/email)

I’m trying to find a way for the store owner to create an order and print a quote. I don’t necessarily want to give up the ability to be able to print an invoice, so it would be great if I could add an option to print a quote. I guess the only thing that would really need to be changed would be the text in the “invoice” that denotes it is indeed an invoice. I’d like to be able to either select which text is there, or add another template for use as a quote.

Is any of this possible? Are there any other options? Why can’t a store owner issue a quote as part of the stock features in CS-Cart as they can in other store packages? It seems like not much has changed in the last few major versions in CS-Cart except some styles.

Hi, you can send a detailed needs for the quote template to CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods

this sounds interesting.

The ability to add stock or custom products as lines and not have to create a product, as a quotation that can be converted into an order would be a nice feature.

I'd be interested in the mod too.

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I’d be interested in the mod too.


On the way. :)

Snorocket, the original developer of the world famous CS-Cart Quote / Invoicing Addon has upgraded this addon to v4.1.4 compatibility and it will be released very soon, the addon is on pre-sale right now !

Any updates on these add ons ???

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Any updates on these add ons ???

[/quote]Welll ???