Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Page Layout Options

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The Page Layout Options add-on allows you to set up additional templates for the product layout. Great tool to customize the product display according to your wishes.

New templates can be set up for:

- product list pages;

- product blocks;

- product details pages.

The variety of settings gives you freedom to compose any layout at your choice, which is not possible within the default functionality. For example, you can choose if the product details page contains SKU, Description, In stock label, Quantity selection, List price, Additional buttons, Tabs, Buy now in 1-click buttons. Just create a template with the needed set of elements and pick the new template in the appearance settings.

Key features

- Adjustable templates for product details page, product lists, and product blocks;

- Flexible settings allowing to set up various layouts;

- Ability to customize product layouts according to your wishes.

How it works

Let's see an example with the Similar products block. The elements that can be hidden or shown in the block are given in the picture below.

To edit the block layout, go to the Page Layout Options settings on the Add-ons - Manage add-ons page. Enable the required elements and save the changes.

Then go to Design - Layouts - Products to edit the settings of the Similar Products block. Select one of the templates with SD: prefix


If you select the Customizable grid template, you will have the following layout for the Similar Products block.

You can make the layout more clean without extensive details. Just tick off the necessary elements and that's it, you have the following layout:

There is a great number of variations. It's up to you to choose.

What you will see in the admin panel

Page Layout Options for the product lists

Page Layout Options for the product details page

The Appearance settings


The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.4.1 and above. Need compatibility with another version? Contact us.

User Guide

Learn more about the add-on in the User Guide.

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I will be glad to answer all your questions about the add-on.

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I would like to display quantity selector in grid view, feature request?


I would like to display quantity selector in grid view, feature request?


Yes, I will forward your request to our developers. Thank you.

Dear Friends!

The Page layout options add-on is not distributed and supported now. You can purchase an add-on' source code in case you need it. Please contact us for a quote.

Links are broken, such addon is not found in your marketplace

Links are broken, such addon is not found in your marketplace

Hi, Darius! This add-on is not sold anymore but you can purchase a source code, please contact our sales manager here.