Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Moneris Payment Gateway

Dear Friends,

We have developed Moneris Payment Gateway that integrates the convenient and secure payment gateway service Moneris Online Payments into your CS-Cart store.

Moneris Solutions is Canada’s largest processor and acquirer of debit and credit card payments for North American and Canadian merchants.


- The add-on gives you control and flexibility because it integrates directly into your existing online store.

- You will automatically receive an email notification every time a customer places an order, so you can fulfill the order quickly.

- 24/7, high-speed payment processing.

To learn more about Moneris Online Payments, visit

Managing in the admin area

In the Configure tab of the created payment method, the store administrator should save the data of their payment account: Hpp ID and Hpp key.

What your customers will see

Once you’ve set up the Moneris payment gateway in the store, it will get available to your customers. So the customer adds products to cart and proceeds to checkout. At the Billing Options step, they select the Moneris payment method.

After clicking Submit my order the customer will be redirected to the Moneris site to complete the payment.

User Guide

Learn more about the add-on in the User Guide.


The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.1.1 and above.

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I will be glad to answer all your questions about the add-on.

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Dear Friends!

The Moneris Payment Gateway add-on is not distributed and supported now. You can purchase an add-on' source code in case you need it. Please contact us for a quote.