Add On Request: Blog / News Area For Admins (Where We Can Post Information For Admins)

Hi, i am looking for an addon which can be used to post useful information for the other admin / staff / employees. Example we have a back-end staff of about 20-30 people and we regularly need to post some useful information as in form of news, blogs, new admin panel features, holiday information, changes in employment terms and conditions, etc.

Whenever a new post is made, the other admins will get a notification of new message whenever they login (until they read the post.)

Please let me know if anyone have a ready addon with similar functionality. we are not looking for customized solutions.


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We failed to find a module on the marketplace which allows to send messages to admins in bulk

We are at your service! Get a free quote.

And, pay attention to Customer notes module. It's not exactly what you are looking for, but your employees will be kept fully informed of the customers, who asked a refund or often leave good or bad reviews.

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We can also help you with this modification. Just post all requirement here to get a free quote